Our unique NHS programme

We were originally set up in 2016 to support trusts, CCGs and the wider healthcare space to recruit hard to fill roles across all of the business functions. 

When graduates think NHS, they think doctors and nurses, they don't think "I want a career in IT/ Finance/ HR/ Marketing - how do I get into the NHS?"

Our programme has now promoted NHS business function roles to Universities all over the UK and get inundated with hundreds of graduates at University careers fairs eager to start their career in the NHS. 

We don't have an NHS brand issue - business function graduates want to join us, they just didn't know we wanted to work with them too. We have access to thousands of graduates every year to recruit from - most of which have at least 6 months office based work experience on their CV.


What we aim to achieve

  • Establish a long-term pipeline of graduate talent from local Universities into the NHS

  • Provide healthcare managers a quick and easy recruitment service to gain the skills they need

  • Support business function teams through increasing productivity, retention and efficiency

  • Introduce the next generation of professionals into the world’s best healthcare system

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