What we offer


Graduates into Health takes extraordinary care to place the right student/graduate within your teams. Strong NHS business functions are essential in enabling the world class health care system that we strive to deliver and want for our patients. 

Fee: £3,000 per successful graduate recruited

We begin the journey with you and make it as streamlined and as efficient as possible, we support you throughout and deliver the following: 

  • Job Description Development: this will include liaison with HR and your job evaluation team
  • Advertising: to over 25 universities in London and the south east and over 1300 students/graduates signed up to our programme
  • Shortlisting: we complete the initial shortlist to give you our top recommended candidates based on your requirements
  • Candidates CVs - we give you CVs - no lengthy online application forms to wade through
  • Online assessments - we have industry verified verbal and numerical online assessments at no additional cost
  • Interview scheduling/ assessment centre administration: we invite all candidates to interview for you and send you a schedule once all candidates have confirmed; we also carry out assessment centres for larger recruitment
  • Pastoral support: we continue to support you up to the first 3 months of the student/graduates employment by carrying out progress checks with both the manager and candidate
  • Endings: 2 months before the contract ending, we will give you alerts so you can decide whether you want to end, extend or make the role permanent

"Our guarantee to you- if your graduate/student leaves within the first 3 months for any reason- we'll recruit you another at no additional cost. 

We are an NHS programme and only charge fees to cover our operating costs."

Louise Brennan, Graduates into Health Programme Manager



Students/ Graduates will start at a lower spine point on any band and your budget will be calculated on the mid-spine point; these fees are already in your budget!

  • You might not need to source additional budget! 

If you are based in South London, you may be our member! 

Please contact us as you may be eligible for a FREE recruitment round.  


Interested in a student/graduate for your team?

Contact Louise Brennan on: 
Email: louise.brennan5@nhs.net
Phone: 020 7188 9674